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23 Nisan 2022 tesekkur


🇹🇷 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı kutlamamız neşe ve heyecan dolu geçti. 🎈Çocuklarımızın şarkı ve dans gösterileri hepimize mutluluk dolu bir gün yaşattı. 🌷 Ebru sanatçımız Atilla Can hem sanatı konusunda bizi bilgilendirdi, hem de gönlümüzü güzelliklerle doldurdu. 💃🏻 Uygur dansları, Stanford “Down with Gravity” Juggling klubü, Peru ve Azerbeycan dans grupları kutlamamıza ayrı bir renk kattı.

💐 Bu güzel güne katkıda bulunan herkese gönülden teşekkürler!


🇺🇸 Children's Festival was a wonderful celebration! We are profoundly grateful to our volunteers, and the individuals and organizations that helped make this a memorable event.


November 2020

Our Mission

The Turkish American Association of California was founded in 1975.

Our mission is to

  • Improve and promote public knowledge and understanding of Turkish culture, history and people;
  • Foster friendship and communication among the American and Turkish cultures;
  • Increase the exchange of arts, culture, and cuisine of the United States and Turkey;
  • Maintain and promote Turkish traditions;
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to Turks living in the United States and abroad.

Our Events

We organize virtual and in-person events that bring the Turkish American Community together. Below are the recordings of a few of these events.

November 2020

We marked the 97th anniversary of the Turkish Republic Day with Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Los Angeles, Can Oğuz; Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu, our members, chapters and affiliates.

December 2020

We discussed Turkish American relations with Dr. Erol Mütercimler. Watch on YouTube.

February 2021

Buğra Bakan, CFB educated us on Retirement and other Investments in the US. Watch on YouTube.

We heard from Alev Tuğ Dietrich, Lecturer, Kinesiology department, San Jose State University on Fitness. Watch on YouTube. 

March 2021

We discussed COVID-19 and Vaccinations with Prof.Dr. Ercüment Ovalı. Watch on YouTube.

Bennet Goldberg educated us on the inner workings of Venture Capital. Watch on YouTube.

Our Organization

We are a group of volunteers organized to serve, first and foremost, the Northern California Turkish American Community.

We perform this function through

We are a member of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA).



Membership benefits include being connected with the Turkish American Community, often free of charge or discounted participation in TAAC events and updates on local cultural events. TAAC has individual, family and association/business membership categories:


Individual Membership


Family Membership


Association/Business Membership    


TAAC's ability to fulfill its mission of service to the Turkish-American community depends on your active participation and membership dues.

TAAC is a California 501-c(3) public non-profit corporation. Your donations are tax-deductible.